Thursday, June 29, 2006

Now I think I am in over my head...I want out...Send a rope, drop a line, fly a rescue WHAT?

Friday, June 23, 2006

It's a gotta realize it's a test...

I just finished taking my GRE for graduate school. I don't think I did as well as I would like to have done...but I don't quite know how to decipher the numbers yet. And the funny thing is I've already started taking classes (6 hours down...many more to go) but I just had to take the test before I take the classes I want next month. Alhamdulillah the essay part was easy. I'm thinking I made a high score (insha'Allah). And I did better on the math than the verbal---funny since I'm an English teacher. But I've always done well in math. I just LOVE reading! Do you think this means I should lose my English teaching license? Nah! :) I still love reading and math is too...ummm....BLAH! Just too boring, and blah!

So yeah, I took the test. I had to drive all the way to Stillwater for an 8 a.m. test. Little sleep. Time to go home and rest....

But wait, the weather! The weather was horrible today! I thought I would hang out at the OSU campus and enjoy the summer weather. I took a book with me so I could chill out in front of the super nice pond as the ducks quacked at me and squirrels dropped parts of the tree on my head. But no! It rained like crazy! And as I tried to make it to Salatul-Juma today two roads were blocked off because of flooding and accidents. Needless to say I didn't make it. But alhamdulillah. Even though I'm complaining, I really did love the driving. Alhamdulillah.

Monday, June 19, 2006

New Journal

Got a new journal. Wrote in it last night. Wrote in it just a few minutes ago because it was in my bag. Wanna see my first REAL entry?

2:17 p.m.

Stopped by another police officer. This totally sucks!!! Don't forget the Alhamdulillah! :) I've really got to stop speeding and be a better driver I guess. It's totally my fault and now I'm even later than I was. He sure is taking his time--maybe I'm gonna get arrested or something!? Insha'Allah I won't. I've gotta be somewhere.

You'd think that I was made of money and could just pay off the officers like nothing else....but, yeah...I'm a teacher and it's summer...

I was going 63 in a 40....I'm really laughing out loud right now (and right after he wrote me a ticket for 49 in a 40)...hahahaha....I should be crying....hahahaha

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I drive like a...



No, really. Just read my previous posts and you'll know that while I have a good time (and any passenger of mine will enjoy the constant speeding, last-minute turns, and all around illegal fun) I just don't have a great track record. And with that in mind, check out my latest scandalous endeavor in my anything-but-new car:

On Monday I was late to my spin class (indoor cycling at the Y) so I was speeding (biggest non-secret ever: I'm always late to spin class---and even if I'm not I'm still speeding). When I'm driving through the neighborhood I see a lot of birds on the road (not really a LOT, just like a litter of them scattered) just before a stop sign. I swear I can't be going more than 30 mph because I just made a turn (even with a manual car, I don't think I could possibly have gone more---okay maybe 40). Birds move out of the way right? They're smart like that, right? WRONG! WRONG!!!

Pigeons are STUPID! The stupid (though pretty) pigeon did not move. It just kept bobbing it's weightless head across the street as if my heavy car wasn't coming in it's direction. It just looked at me with it's glossy eye, almost winking at me, almost saying "I dare ya!" And so as it was just about in the center of my lane, I ran it over.

"Thump, thump" was all you could hear as the bird's head hit the cage under my car. "Oh MY GOD!" was all you could hear as my little brother and I became thoroughly disgusted in my car.

I looked out of my rear view mirror expecting to see the dead bird lying on the road. I only saw lots and lots of bird feathers slowly making their way back down to the ground after an apparent bird bomb (in true cartoon fashion). No bird lying on the ground must only mean the bird must still be under my car. As I stopped at the stop sign (a complete stop for once mind you) I tried to figure out what I should do. I can't possibly park my car at the YMCA with a dead pigeon stuck to the bottom! I mean, imagine the stinch after my workout!

Just as I'm imagining the problems I'm gonna have, I drive away from the stop sign. And to my utter amazement, the pigeon is walking AWAY! It was alive and walking away! So I may have run it over, but I didn't kill it (well, not right away anyways)!

And you thought running over a frog at night was harsh? Gee-whiz


I am much better, alhamdulillah!

And I was looking through the bazillion pictures on the computer and found some I wanted to post on the good ol' blog (cause I have nowhere else to put them but don't want to just delete them).

Islamic Society of Tulsa: OCCJ Teen Trialogue Series
For the last few years, IST has been the first stop on the tour that takes Tulsa teens to many different houses of worship. A project designed to help teens gain understanding and respect for other teens with different cultures and religions. The first picture is of some of the first arrivals. Below is one of my favorite pics of girls donning the headscarf (or trying to do so) while at the Masjid. Although we do not make in mandatory for visitors to wear a headscarf, we do ask that they dress modestly. However many women and girls want to attempt to 'feel' our religious culture.

Another of my favorite pics is this one of my brother and his friend leaving the Masjid after helping out with the event. A successful event at IST; it seemed the blessings of Allah came down just as the sun's rays are seen at the minaret.

Way back in April (I think) I visited Oklahoma City for a workshop. While there I noticed the city was littered with....BUFFALO!
I don't quite know why, but everywhere you go there is a large sculptured buffalo with different paint jobs (some were pretty cool---check out the UPS buffalo!).

I'm assuming that it is something like the sculptured penguins sold to benefit the zoo that we've got in Tulsa, just not anywhere near as cute.

But the coolest part about OKC was visiting Masjid An-Nasr after much needed renovation. Masha'Allah it looked awesome! Can't wait to see the finished product and spend the weekend out there for the 3rd annual Sisters Lock-In (can you believe it's been 3 years??? insha'Allah we'll be able to do it for many more--including this one!). One aspect of the new section at their Masjid that was totally grand, was the faux stained glass window created by a sister. Check it out. May Allah reward her.
(from the inside at night)
(from the outside during the day)

And now, do you remember way back when I said Nadrine and I were like this cool tree? Remember when I said that I would go take pics of it the next day? Well, I did. I just didn't post them. :) Obelisque, these are for you.
With the regular green trees all around, you can see how majestic, unique it is. It has this reddish tint but is really made of many colors when studied.

Looking from the inside out was amazing. When I went to take the pics, I climbed the tree and took pictures of leaves from the inside. SubhanAllah, this tree just holds my attention and makes me realize if one tree holds so much beauty and can be so unique, it's Creator deserves praise more than I give. SubhanAllah.

Then, of course, there are always the pics with friends that are classic. The first is Teacher Maysa (aka "The Mad Scientist" during our science fair) and I. We call this the "Crazy Teacher and Mad Scientist Engagement Photo"---brings tears to my eyes! :)

This is Sabrin and I. Sabrin is one of my best friends (cause we're weird like that). *cough* she's single *cough* she's palestinian*cough* she's cute and really nice *cough* looking for cute, good muslim palestinian husband *cough* *cough* she'd kill me if she knew I wrote this---but if you know someone ;) *cough*

P.S. You know what? It sure is fun to look at old pics and write about them. It's just a pain in the rear end to upload them! Sheesh! :)

Thursday, June 08, 2006





































Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ironically perfect

Late to work.

Got a ticket.

Going 55 on his radar.

More like going at least 60 before I saw him and tapped the brakes.

Supposed to go only 40.

Not like anyone else does.

Not like that is a good enough excuse.

Officer wrote me a ticket for 49 in a 40.

$120 ticket.

Making me even later than I was to begin with.

Ironically perfect?

"Bad Day" played on the radio while he wrote the ticket.

I smiled and went on to enjoy a wonderfully okay day.