Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The feeling
-helpless defeat-
hasn't hit for quite some time
-one, two, or three years?-
and it seems I've almost forgotten
-or so I try-
the last conquest.

The feeling
-hopeful indulgence-
hasn't bothered to visit for a while
-two, four, six months?-
and it seems I always give up
-or so I tell myself-
the first good try.

The feeling
-endearing expectation-
hasn't happened upon me just yet
-who knows when?-
and it seems I guard the door
-or so I pretend-
to the organ.

The feeling
-generous content-
has yet to visit my corner
-Oh God, let it come-
and so the world has passed me by
-all for paper and prestige-
as I wait.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Four thousand two hundred and thirty-eight miles in five days is a great distance to travel with a good friend, especially when reading about zombies, being flagged down by "ladies of the night" (only to realize they're not and you're actually on the wrong side of the street), and stopping at all the awesome Masjids on the way.

L'chaim! ;)