Tuesday, January 31, 2006

should be doing something else

Started walking afterschool with my friend...it's a good workout (for someone who doesn't). And it gives us a chance to dedicate some time to each other nearly every day. Plus it's an added bonus that when walking around the school and Masjid I don't have to pay for my workout. :)

I'm wearing a purple outfit today....it makes me happy...all the teachers (the girly ones especially) comment on how much they love my purple outfit...and I like telling everyone I got my ultra-cool purple scarf from hijabs-r-us.com. I've got this awesome poem about a muslim woman in hijab...it's a downer though. I'll post it someday.

Purple People Eaters (so are they purple people who eat--- OR --- purple beings who eat people--- OR --- beings that eat only purple people???)

Thursday, January 26, 2006


It is not your job to make my life a living hell............

SO WHY ARE YOU STILL DOING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOTE: Today is not the day to ask me about job satisfaction. But at least I can laugh about it. :)

EXTRA NOTE: I've been singing "Hero" all day thanks to a fellow blogger....So I'm trying to get over my unhappiness.... :) whatever dude....

SUPER TEACHER NOTE: I feel better now. Alhamdulillah

Monday, January 16, 2006

Just thought I would say hi....
so...ummmmm.... hi blog of mine!


I really wanted to write something of importance, but I forgot what it was. Don't have time right now anyways....

la di da....la di da...la di da

Friday, January 13, 2006

SPAM: Just say no!

I've been getting a lot of unwanted emails lately (mostly from friends kind enough to forward me jokes and images that have already been forwarded to me by their friends---such wonderful people). But when someone sends you a picture of a ONE EYED CAT???? Well, I only have one thing to say:



Friday, January 06, 2006


Just because I was unable to post doesn't mean I didn't write....


Shall I lie to you
As I lie to myself?
Shall I tell you how
I think and feel
When I keep such
Info from myself?

Shall I caress your hand
And tell you it will
Be okay
When I deny myself
The touch of gentleness
And the comfort
Of reassuring words?

Shall I give you
Of my heart
When it is already
Torn and bleeding?

Shall I seek your forgiveness
And tell you secrets once more
When I would not do the same
In your shoes?

I shall humble myself
Before my dear Lord
And ask His forgiveness
And to ensure me yours.

Maybe then I shall give
And you can freely take
Of the shattered soul
I only now break.

Maybe then I shall breath
A sigh of relief
To see your face
And greet
You with a smile
Of honesty, not disgrace.

Maybe then you will see
How hurt I became
Before forgiveness came.

Maybe then you will know
What I said before
Was no lie
And the words will flow
Though silent may be the room.

Maybe then I will not lie
To myself
Nor to you.
December 22, 2005
9:20 p.m.

Drops like tears
Into an ocean
Of ink
Though not enough
To write the words
That would justify
Any of this

Stand in the desert
With no one near
Though not solitaire enough
To express the Oneness
That explains
All of this

Walk the terrain
Of endless mountains
Of majesty
Though not enough beauty
To convey the Magnificence
That could compare to
All of His
December 22, 2005
9:30 p.m.
Allah Pt. II

There is inside of me
Something that is touched by
The strike of a piano’s key
The pluck of a harp’s cord
The strum of a guitar’s string
The hum of a violin
The beat of a drum
The delight of a voice
Singing in praise
Of Him and Love of Him
In devotion

And no matter the beat
No matter the sound
No matter how bad, how good
No matter that I know not the words
No matter the language, foreign beauty
The cry of the voice
For the Unknown, the All-Knowing

The sincerity
The purity
The genuine intensity
The fear
The love
The joy

Oh to feel that joy
To sing that song
To collaborate alone
With the best of efforts
No matter how bad the tune
You would not care
For I sing for You
And to You
And ask of You
And praise You

I am dizzy in my efforts
I am dizzy in my fear
I am dizzy for I love You
And I am dizzy for I do not praise You enough
I am dizzy and the world spins around me
I am dizzy and I grow tired
I am dizzy for I know You
I am dizzy and the world revolves
I am dizzy and I feel You
I am dizzy and You catch me with Your Words

I fall
Now I can stand tall.
9:40 p.m. December 22, 2005

I truly find myself

For what

Is it just that I am sick and the world is shaky

Is it just that I am lost and cannot find my way

Is it just that I have danced in circles around the answer

Is it that I am going mad and have lost touch with reality

I truly find myself

Around a question of sanity

Of dignity

Of sincerity

Of devotion

Of promotion

Like a broken record

Of lies and empty imaginings

I truly find myself

In tight circles

Threatening to tighten around my throat

Threatening to steal my voice
Threatening to take me under
Threatening to capture of what I love

I truly find myself

Yet going nowhere

I am sick

Of revolving

I stand

I sit

I fall
I cry

Only just inside

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Oh, you're fine?

And me?

I'm just hollow.