Monday, July 31, 2006

Bibatee, bobatee, boo!

...stayed up late last night to watch Cinderella...yeah, I still remember some of the songs. My 2-half year old sister Nora loved it (she stayed up with me and so did my lil bro---though he'll never admit it). My mom said she wouldn't go to sleep until she recapped the story to my dad who was already asleep. 'Maskeena Cindrella, maskeena!' ('poor cinderella')....'maza3't foostanha' (her dress is torn)....'Cinderella khabat shoes-ha fee jaybit-ha' (yeah, half Arabic, half English 'Cinderella hid her shoes in her pocket')...she was really enjoying that movie and started it again in the morning though my other sister Ayah didn't want to watch it.

It's great to be young...


Thursday, July 27, 2006's Lateefa!

Email to myself on July 26:

hi it's me again...i'm not sure how to spell today though...from now on all the mestakes im making will just have to stay becasue im not gonna use the backspace anymore :) thi s should be quite interesting. i think. but i ionly hthingk. hsahaha. haha at my haha. :)

so yeah, i hope i do well on the test tomorrow. insha'Allah i will do well. insha'Allah i will finish all my homeowork tonight and tomorrow morning. insha'Allah, insha'Allah (tirja' liya..enshallah enshallah...habiby...ah, what's that chick's name..ummmmm...ohmigosh it's been a long night and i can't remember even tohough i love the song ohno...what if i forget everything tomorrow?...not afraid...I'll do well insha'Allah...boy this is a long parenthesis?)

so now that i look dumb writing to myself, i better post this on my blog without corrections...really! and the last one too...


Love ya chica,
me ;)

Previous email to myself on July 12 (Subject: You've got mail....from yourself!?!?!?)

Hey me! How's it going? Insha'Allah I'll do well on the test tomorrow! You too!

Oh, and here's the take home portion of the test!

Me: lol...i'm so weird!

I: Am not!

Me: Are too!

I: Oh, yeah, you're and me are just plain crazy!

Love me anyway,

Saturday, July 15, 2006

*Youth Group Jogging Effort: Fit 4 Life...Fit 4 Paradise*

I....*pant*....just.....*pant*....jogged....*pant*.....2 miles.....


And I'm drenched in sweat! yuck!